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URL: www.luludesigns.com

Lulu Designs is a full service interior design firm that specializes in creating compelling, practical and original interior design for informed clients who care deeply about the spaces where they live, work, learn and play. Having designed high-end residential design, healthcare and retail boutiques in the orange county area, Lindsay Espinoza, LuluDesigns owner, founder and lead designer believes in a holistic approach to design, and takes into account that an evocative environment can only truly be created when all of the contributing components are considered.


Luludesigns.com was referred by a current client and went on to contract MegaRankings, Inc. to initiate an aggressive Natural Search Engine Optimization campaign along with optimization for Google Business Listings for their local key phrases. Prior to contracting with MegaRankings, Inc. LuluDesigns.com had minimal rankings with Google and no Google Business Listings rankings and exposure. They had no Page 1 Organic or Google Business Listings rankings whatsoever, their traffic and new client acquisitions were quiet.


  • Increase Page 1 rankings with Google
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  • Fully optimize LuluDesigns.com with Google, Yahoo! And Bing
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  • Acquired Page 1 Organic and Google Business Listings rankings
  • The inbound links recognized by Google increased exponentially
  • LuluDesigns keyword visibility among Google increased 1,200%
  • LuluDesigns number of 1st place Organic and Google Business Listings rankings increased by 400%. Their Page 1 rankings in Organic and Google Business Listings increased by over 1,200%. Their traffic, conversions and sales as a result have exploded!

“MegaRankings, Inc. promised affordable Page 1 rankings with Google and delivered.”
CEO, LuluDesigns.com Lindsay Espinoza

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