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Link Building Services

Our link building services increases the link popularity of our client’s websites. Link Popularity is defined as the number of quality, relevant websites that link to your website creating an increased value in the eyes of the search engines and directories. The major search engines and directories consider your website’s link popularity as one of the most important factors when determining ranking positions. The theory is that the search engine spiders and robots consider your site valuable and worthy when other related websites host a link pointing to your website. The higher the Page Rank of the link partner the higher the ranking.

Once it has been determined that your site has other website’s and directories hosting your link, the spiders and robots deem it “popular” and give a boost to your ranking positions for relevant keywords that prospects use to find your website. The staff at MegaRankings Inc. puts a lot of time and diligence into creating high-quality inbound links to increase the page rank of your website, its ranking positions and direct traffic. Our staff contacts leading Directories and write and launch optimized press releases, articles and blog entries to boost our client’s campaigns link popularity.

Listed below are linking channels that our link building experts target:

  • Local Marketing – Local Search listing enables users to find businesses and services within a specific geographic region.
  • Directory Promotion – Links from industry directories help get more quality backlinks to the website and thus indirectly help improve the rankings.
  • Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public Web site and “tagging” them with the keywords.
  • Business Profile Listing – A listing with top profile listing websites such as AboutUs.org, Wiki etc., helps get both qualified traffic and backlinks to your website.
  • Linking Campaign – The reciprocal linking campaign for your website will increase the number of qualified backlinks and will help to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Article Promotion – Writing and publishing an article is a good natural way of getting more qualified backlinks. It also helps improve your website’s online exposure.
  • Press Release Promotion – A good press release with the links, podcast and videos are picked up quickly by the major media sites and search engines.
  • Blog Promotion – Writing and publishing a blog is a good way of getting more qualified backlinks. It too helps improve your website’s online exposure.

Building link popularity is important as it is time consuming. Building link popularity takes discipline, patience, experience and knowledge to do it correctly. If the link popularity building process is done incorrectly as to offend the search engines and directories, there can be severe consequences like being banned from the search engines and directories including a total drop in your ranking positions and Page Rank. If your search engine optimization company intentionally or inadvertently uses Link Farms or any other underhanded means of acquiring links, there can be serious punishment. Outside of avoiding severe penalties for building links incorrectly, there are other important factors that you must do successfully to build your website’s link popularity correctly like using the correct anchor text and a good site description.

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