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Mobile Device Optimization

More people are using Mobile Devices for Search than ever. There are four factors we consider when re-optimizing our client’s sites for mobile effectiveness.

Make It Mobile
Our experts will determine the habits of your customers. What are they looking for and Why? There’s a difference between the number of mobile searches for a key phrase and desktop searches. Only the most important content for mobile usage will be used to correspond with the search query.

Re-Direct Appropriately
For mobile content only we’ll need to set up proper redirects. Googlebot will be served desktop content. Smartphone Googlebot will be served your mobile device content. If you have a tablet site, it will be serve to tablet searchers instead of desktop or a smartphone site, but there currently is no tablet Googlebot to receive tablet content.

It has been a long time since mobile SEO was about optimizing WAP sites, and in the near future we’ll optimize for a literal pair of Google Goggles, with a Terminator-like overlay that searches for more information on the things around us, just by analyzing images and comparing them to Google’s image and Google Goggles image database.

Analyze and Optimize
We’ll regularly check your sites web analytics to stay optimized. Mobile content will be created when appropriate and redirected appropriately. We’ll optimize your images for mobile searchers, and analyze your site for new opportunities. We’ll blowup your sites natural searches through your mobile device through our protocol.

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