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Paid Search Management

Estimated traffic from Organic Search results is 64% comScore
Estimated traffic from Google Places Search results is 30% comScore
Estimated traffic from Paid Search results is 6% comScore

MegaRankings is an internet marketing company in Newport Beach located within the thriving business community of Orange County providing various SEO services as well as paid search engine marketing. Paid Search is a search engine marketing model that requires an advertiser to bid against other competitors for keyword placement with the major search engines and directories. Bid prices vary in degree. To be listed currently in the first position for the keyword “toy,” you can expect to bid around sixty cents. The current bid for the first position for the keyword “mesothelioma” is twenty five dollars. Paid Search listings are commonly titled “Sponsored Links, ” “Sponsored Sites” or “Sponsored Listings.” The Paid Search listing is usually found at the very top of a search result or on the right side of a typical search results page.

Paid Search delivers qualified prospects to your website quickly compared to Search Engine Optimization. It can take thirty days to complete the optimization process for Search Engine Optimization alone. With Paid Search, you can choose your keywords, start a new campaign and be listed within one hour. Paid Search is a valuable tool that can be very expensive without the requisite knowledge and successful experience of starting and managing hundreds of successful Paid Search campaigns.

If you have any Paid Search Management experience maybe choosing to handle your own pay-per-click campaign(s), you will know that the management process is challenging, time consuming and expensive, sometimes very expensive. If you don’t constantly monitor your bids compared to the bids of your competitors, you can waste hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars. The time you invest into the management of your campaigns could be invested into serving other important functions of your business.

Listed below are critical services associated with our MegaRankings Inc. Paid Search campaigns :

  • Create ad copy
  • Define user action
  • Setup bid schedule
  • Select landing pages
  • Develop keyword list
  • Develop keyword category
  • Specialized software for bidding
  • Determine the most valuable bid
  • Track your ROI from click to conversion
  • Set bid cap and automatically manage positions
  • Maintain an unlimited number of keywords
  • Set maximum cost per click
  • View and print reports

Choosing keywords and creating dynamic and conversion-friendly landing pages can make or break a Paid Search campaign. Unless you have special training handling these important factors you may not be taking full advantage of the Paid Search marketing model. Our Paid Search experts will research your competitors and determine the most valuable keywords for your Paid Search campaign and the appropriate bids for the keywords. We will then set bid caps and acquire and secure the rankings for your effective keywords.

Your Paid Search campaign will be monitored 24/7/365 and your visitors tracked from click to conversion. We will schedule your bid updates and keep you informed with our leading reporting system. If you currently manage your Paid Search campaign, you know how important and valuable the program can be. Search Engine Optimization plus Google Places provides the HIGHEST ROI with the LOWEST Costs. Paid Search can work together with SEO and Google Places to strategically place your business ahead of your competition.

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