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Press Releases

A Press Release represents an important and valuable medium for exposing your websites products and services to your target audience. Press Releases are a popular way for businesses to get its message to its intended audience. Companies, organizations and educational facilities spend thousands of dollars each year on the creation and distribution of their press release. The press release will get your websites services and products great exposure through 7,000 press releases around the world. Our press release program allows your press release to be seen on a wide variety of search engines and news feeds.

Your press release will contain information about your businesses recent achievements and innovations to a vast range of news outlets including Google News and Yahoo! News feeds. Your press release will drive traffic based on your website’s content and target market and also boost your site’s link popularity which is known in the Search Engine Marketing community as one of the most influential factors engines and directories use in determining rankings. Press Release optimization has gained popularity and as a result gone high tech. Businesses are able to more accurately target their message to specific segments of the population.

Sixty eight million American adults go online with thirty percent of them using the Internet to acquire information and twenty percent of them to acquire news. Your MegaRankings Inc. Search Engine Marketing plan and press release plan work together to expose your website to your target audience and boost your search engine and directory rankings. Online businesses use Natural Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Management, Link Popularity and Press Release promotion to reach the influx of potential customers online.

Online businesses are starting to recognize the critical role a successful press release can play on exposing their products and services to their intended audience. Not all press releases are created equal. Your press release must be written with intelligence and the intent to inform. Our press release writers have over fifteen years successful experience writing effective press releases. Our press release writers write press releases that add credibility, respect, authority and publicity to our clients and their businesses.

Listed below are critical services associated with our MegaRankings Inc. Press Release Promotion:

  • Creation of press release
  • Search engine optimized
  • RSS/XML Feed
  • File Attachments
  • Submission to Overture, Google News. eMediaWire, Yahoo!News
  • Sponsored Press Releases
  • Next day distribution
  • Monthly statistics
  • Additional industry targets

A successful Press Release will add valuable “inbound links” to your website and as a result help influence an increase to your websites rankings among the world’s largest search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL. Your websites URL and keywords will be added throughout the content of your press release. The press release will be available online. When an online user types in a keyword for a search query, the search engine spiders and robots will pick up on your websites URL and keywords very similar to how the robots pick up on your websites URL and keywords once your site has been optimized.

The majority of your links within your optimization campaign will be reciprocal links, where the link partner hosts your link as an exchange. Direct inbound links are equally important. Your Press Release is an effective way to increase the amount of inbound links in addition to the standard reciprocal links your optimization campaign will provide. A successful Press Release compliments the efforts of building Link Popularity with your Natural Search Engine Optimization campaign. Outside of driving links directly from your link directory, a Press Release is the second most effective way to drive important inbound links to your website.

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