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Frequent Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive marketing solution that places your website at the top of search results when a user types a related keyword into a search engine or directory. You want your website to appear as close to the first position knowing users are looking for quick, reliable and credible information. The closer to the top your website lists for related keywords, the more likely an interested prospect is to click on your website and purchase your products or services. Search Engine Optimization consists of keyword research, content and adding information pages, removing design and navigation issues, building link popularity, site mapping and reporting to name a few factors involved.

What is Paid Search Marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing are ads shown within search results. The ads are displayed similarly to natural search results. A Pay Per Click search result can be found on the right side of a natural search result usually under the title of Sponsored Listings. Advertisers bid on a per click charge. With Yahoo! the highest bid gets the highest position. If you are one of the top three bidders for a keyphrase, your listing will also appear with MSN and AOL. With Google AdWords, the search results listing is based on highest bid plus a relevant factor. The relevant factor is the number of times your ad is clicked on. The combination of relevance and bid amount determines where your listing will be found with Google.

I had natural rankings with Google one day, then the next day some of the rankings had disappeared, what happened?

The engineers at Google change the algorithms by which sites are ranked on a regular basis. New sites are being developed and indexed into Google’s database of websites everyday. You may see your site at the top of the engines one day and then may not see the same rankings the next day. If you plan to pay for SEO work to be done on your site, the more keywords you have optimized the better. You may lose some of your rankings, but usually a portion of your ranked keywords will remain when Google decides to update their database and change their algorithm.

How do search engines work?

Internet search engines are designed to help users find information stored on websites. The engines have three basic functions. 1.) Search for keywords. 2.) Index the keywords and their locations. 3.) Allow users to find keyword related information. Major search engines like Google will index billions of pages and respond to tens of millions of searches everyday. To access this information, search engines use software robots commonly referred to as “spiders” to build a “results” page based on the keywords. For accuracy, the spiders are constantly updated.

Why should my website’s ranking positions concern me?

More sales! Statistics reveal that 500 million Internet users worldwide perform 12 billion searches per month among the major search engines and directories. 90% of all purchases on those engines takes place within the first two pages listed. 73% of online customers use search engines to find new websites to purchase from. A Web business that offers products and services would be an ideal candidate for a solid comprehensive search engine marketing campaign. -Forrester

Do I choose my websites keywords and key phrases or do you?

Choosing the appropriate keywords for your MegaRankings Inc. search engine optimization and paid search marketing campaign is extremely important and one of the very first tasks we tackle once your campaign gets started. Our optimization team will research your websites’ most valuable, popular and relevant keywords. We will then present the keywords to you and compare them to the keywords you currently use. Once we agree on the keywords, we then move forward with the next step of the optimization process.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are HTML code included in the header of a Web page that provide specific information about the content of that page. Your websites’ Meta Tags include your sites’ title, description and keywords. Search engines robots and spiders read your websites Meta Tags to assist in determining rankings for your site. Most new MegaRankings Inc. clients have issues with there Meta Tags that we are able to fix during the optimization process.

What about content, is my websites content important?

Your website’s content is extremely important in the eyes of the search engines and directories. The search engine robots and spiders search websites for keywords based upon the keywords prospects type into search engines. The robots search websites to match the keyword put into the search engines with the keywords found in the body of relevant websites. Once we decide on your campaigns final keywords, we will position your keywords throughout your website. We will also add keyword rich paragraphs and information pages to add additional content.

What are links and are they important for my website?

A link is your website URL hosted on another website. In a sense, it is like a popularity contest. The more websites with similar content that host your link, the better. Next to your site’s content, your links are among the most important factors search robots and spiders use to determine rankings. There are a couple types of links including reciprocal links and inbound links. The experts at MegaRankings Inc. will link your site with other relevant high Page Rank links. A link directory including link submission details will be added to your website if you don’t already have one. Prospective partners will be added to your directory then will be contacted for reciprocation. We will also partner your site with valuable inbound directory links as well.

How do I know which Search Engine Marketing package is right for me?

Our MegaRankings Inc. optimization experts have successfully optimized over a thousand websites. We use our experience, knowledge and research to determine the appropriate campaign for your website. We will analyze your industry and the leading competitors within your industry to devise a custom search engine marketing campaign. Our research will determine the number of keywords and links your website is going to require in order to reach our respective goals.

How long will it take to see my website listed in the top positions of the search engines?

Most search engine optimization campaigns take around thirty days to complete the majority of the setup portion of the optimization process. From there, you may already see top positions with MSN. Based on the competitiveness of your campaigns keywords you may see top rankings with Google and the other major engines and directories within thirty days after the completion of the setup portion of the optimization process.