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Reseller Opportunities

Are you a company on the Internet with an existing list of clients that needs quality Natural Search Engine Optimization for their websites? Would you like to earn a generous commission and increase client retention and loyalty by recommending MegaRankings Inc. Search Engine Optimization services to your existing clients. Are you interested in Private Labeling our services and having our experts optimize your clients websites on your behalf? We encourage you to become a certified reseller of MegaRankings Inc. Natural Search Engine Optimization services. Our reseller opportunities are designed specifically for:

  • Web Design firms
  • Web Hosting firms
  • Web Development firms
  • Web and Marketing Consultants
  • Public Relations Agencies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Advertising Agencies

As an approved MegaRankings Inc. reseller, you can offer the most valuable and exciting online marketing program available to your existing clients at the same time adding substantial revenue to your company.

We offer 3 different SEO Reseller programs to our partners:

Direct Reseller

As a MegaRankings Inc. direct reseller, you will earn a commission for every deal we close from a customer you refer directly or from a lead you provide that needs follow up for one of our sales associates to close. Our direct reseller program is very popular and geared toward mid – large size design, hosting and development firms. Your clients will receive the same reports our
clients receive including monthly ranking reports, links and traffic reports. Your clients ranking positions, traffic and sales will significantly increase while you earn a commission. The commission you earn is based on the monthly volume you send.

Private Label

As a MegaRankings Inc. private label partner, you will receive a negotiated fee for every search engine optimization package you close and bring aboard. Our Private Label program is valuable for large public relations firms, design firms and advertising agencies. You will be fortified with all the tools necessary to be an expert at closing search engine optimization deals. Your company will create its own name, logo and website to sell our services. Quality control is extremely important with our private label relationships. As a result, several meetings to get a clear understanding of what is expected from you regarding the Industry are necessary to insure success.

Affiliate Program

As a MegaRankings Inc. affiliate, you will place a link on your website that we can track letting us know who came to our website from your link. Our affiliate program is especially suited for small design and hosting firms that don’t have the resources or time to offer professional SEO services but have the desire to present a value-added online marketing resource to their clients. If the referring prospect closes, you’ll receive 10% commission for the closed deal that you referred. As an affiliate, you have the option of having our sales associates help close your leads for a quick commission.

Our MegaRankings Inc. reseller programs enables you to offer the most valuable and exciting online marketing program available to your existing clients at the same time adding another lucrative source of revenue for your company.

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