Thank You Larry And Sergey!

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down from their founder and leadership roles with Google’s parent company Alphabet. Thank you guys for your vision and amazing execution of what Google has become today and congratulations with your historical careers. I use Google ALL OF THE TIME to chase down my creative thoughts by aligning those thoughts and questions with Google data from their search results. I appreciate it a great deal! I have an inquisitive mind and couldn’t imagine a world without a quick answer to all of my questions. Google has changed me and everybody that uses their search engine for the better and the smarter. Knowledge versus the opposite, yes, I’m am totally down with Google!!!

I founded MEGA back in April 2003 out of thin air. It was difficult. In the beginning with little to no resources on which to sell MEGA SEO services, I remember only being able to work a few hours before I wanted to throw my laptop into the closest wall. I remember speculating how cool it would be in the future when we would have more MEGA resources and experiences to sell MEGA’s SEO services. I was never in a rush however. My patience is how and why MEGA is as successful as it is today. In the beginning, it was all about seasoning MEGA as a brand without making any big mistakes, which we did. As per business model, in 2007 MEGA was a “Cash Cow” In 2010, a “Sure Thing” and in 2018, a “Cash Machine” and I owe it all to Larry and Sergey.

Representing MEGA services is a joy and easy compared to those early days. With case studies and incredible results to offer SEO prospects, representing MEGA is a breeze and an honor. Because of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s creativity and commitment to Google, I have been able to live the American dream of entrepreneurship through MEGA. I have also been able to create jobs and work with and continue to work with amazing people, amazing businesses and at the same time assist Google in providing the most qualified search results through MEGA services. I’ve always said that “…if Google’s good, MEGA is good.” It’s surreal, cool and comforting for MEGA RANKINGS to be aligned with such a special company like Google, in the unique way that it is.

Larry and Sergey, you guys are the best, enjoy your roles on the board and your futures moving forward.

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