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Why Us

Return On Investment (ROI)
MegaRankings, Inc. SEM campaigns offer a Quick Return On Investment. Your quick ROI is due to our affordable marketing rates coupled with the speed at which we are able to acquire and convert Page 1 rankings with Google and the other search engines and directories.

Results Driven
All MegaRankings, Inc. SEO and Google Business Listings optimization campaigns are Month to Month. We earn it each month. Many of our clients start to dominate Page 1 of Google within a few weeks following the primary optimization of their site.

Focused on Search
MegaRankings, Inc. is Dedicated To Search, the ultimate medium for cost effective marketing. Partnering with MegaRankings, Inc. enables our clients to leverage our collective experience and insight to take full advantage of the opportunities the lucrative medium has to offer.

Strong Performance
MegaRankings, Inc. delivers outstanding performance based on our search expert�s experience of launching over Hundreds of Successful SEM Campaigns. We deliver competitive rankings along with high conversion rates through our intelligent content writing applications.

Reasonable Pricing
Based on our ability to achieve rankings and convert the traffic delivered from the rankings, our Low Cost Per Campaign per key phrase has proven reasonable based on the feedback and returns provided by our clients.

Uncompromised Ethics
As mentioned in the Link Popularity Plan, ethics and optimization procedures are critical to your successful SEM campaign. We employ only Ethical Procedures for all our campaigns ensuring that your website and your search engine marketing campaign is successful.

Industry Leadership
The staffs of MegaRankings, Inc. are Pioneers Of SEM Since 2002. For seven years, MegaRankings, Inc. has enabled our clients to take full advantage of the Internet Revolution and industry of Search by connecting our clients to the life-blood of their business, their customers.

Industry Intelligence
MegaRankings, Inc. SEM services provides more than just keyword visibility and tracking; We venture Beyond The Metrics to ensure your businesses future success by providing in-depth analysis and an immediate call to action when the need for flexibility and change arises.

Excellent Client Service
MegaRankings, Inc. provides Excellent Client Service. The MegaRankings, Inc. client support staff provides unlimited consultation and support to our clients for any need at any time. Your questions and inquiries are addressed immediately upon receipt of notice.

Valuable Technology
MegaRankings, Inc. presents its clients with technical evaluations and strategic recommendations the major search properties require for Optimal Keyword Performance. MegaRankings, Inc. proprietary technology allows us to develop a strategic optimization blueprint for your website’s custom optimization campaign.

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